Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life Update!

My current life:

  • I started work exchanging at a wonderful hot yoga studio in Glenside, PA that opened up right by my house. I'm there about three times a week, and I practice Monday nights, Wednesday mornings, and Saturday mornings. I must say, a more regular and intense practice has really helped. I'm calmer, more accepting, and just more in-tune with myself and body. 
Just hanging out in pincha mayurasana. I can't stay up very long, though!

  • I am training for four runs:
    • The Frostbite Five Miler -- Saturday, February 22.
      • Only five miles, but I'm doing it to stay on track for the half marathon.
    • The Philly Love Run Half Marathon -- Sunday, March 30. 
      • I'm actually shitting my pants over this. I don't even want to think about it. It's not actually happening. I think I had an aneurism and signed up. 
    •  The Hot Chocolate 15k -- Saturday, April 6
      • I will probably be dead for this race because it's less than a week after the half. I will probably not do anything between the two except rest, rest, and rest.
    • Broad Street Run (hopefully!) -- Sunday, May 4.
      • A lot calmer about this since I've done it. BRING IT!

My thoughts on all this!

I'm lying if I said I was totally calm like, yo just running some races, bro...but I'm not. It's a bigger deal than that. I'm extremely worried about the half marathon, and even more worried about the Hot Chocolate run. However, I know these pre-pre-pre-race jitters will only make me faster and more prepared in the long run. It means I care, right?

I'm just going to keep running, foam rolling, cross training, and practicing yoga to keep myself and my body in balance. It will all be fine in the end!

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