Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Training + England

This week has been insane so far (I have so much to do before I leave for the great country of England on Friday night).

I did a quick (literally, 27 minute, 3 mile run) on Sunday morning and that's the last bit of activity I performed. I was very sore in my calves afterwards, so I took today off. Back to the grind tomorrow, though! I'd like to squeeze my workout in either before I go to my internship or after I come home from my night class. Hmmm...not sure what it'll be, but I would like for it to be an AM workout. They help me get powered up and focused for my day, plus I love how the workout is already over and done with.

So...I have a new addiction...

The Walking Dead-- AHH. I previously watched the first two episodes of season one and never really watched any more. I decided to sit down and watch some more episodes and now I'm onto Season 2 and I'm HOOKED! I have a feeling this will be a serious help on my long runs, especially if I do them on the treadmill :)

Anyways, Friday I go to the UK and I'm gone for a whole week! I'm so stoked, but of course I'm anxious and nervous. We'll be doing tons of walking (average 5-10 miles a day) so I don't have to worry too much about training ;) I figure it's a vacation!

I will absolutely try to post before then, but if not...I will definitely post after I come back!

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