Monday, December 17, 2012

It's all in the bag!

It may not seem like much, but this bag is my buddy. I use it for so much, but it's currently rocking my world as my gym bag. It has holes, rips and seams coming apart, but I think it just shows my dedication!

What's inside...


These old, ratty sweatpants are perfect for going home on cold nights, post-workout!
I throw them on and I'm good to go. I get the post-sweat chills a lot and 
I end up FREEZING after winter workouts.


ASICS, baby! I love my sneakers. I always keep them in there and I'll occasionally
put some baby powder in them to keep them smelling fresh.


These shorts are perfect (and they have POCKETS). I can never workout in 
long pants, so these are my go-tos!


Gotta stay fresh! These tiny travel sizes are perfect for my bag. 

Hand Sanitizer

Yes, the gym is good for your health but germs and harmful bacteria run wild. Although you're supposed to wipe your machines down, I see way too many people skimp on their cleaning duties!

Hair Ties and Clips

For the days that I don't have a hair tie on my wrist. If my hair is still down, 
I'm not working hard enough!


For the occasional muscle aches and tenderness pre or post workout!

Workout Top

I always keep a backup workout top or t-shirt in my bag!


For tuning the world out during my workout.

I practically live out of my gym bag. I just throw it in my car and I'm all set! Some days, I don't get to the gym and it just sits in my car. However, in case that moment of workout inspiration strikes, I'm ready!

What's in your gym bag? Did I give you any ideas? Do you have any suggestions for my gym bag?

Also, always keep your bag packed, that way, you are ready to sweat!

Stay fit,


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