Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keeping up with your workout're working out, and you realize, "when was I here last?"

It's a common problem. Time slips away from us all, and you have no idea when you were last breaking a sweat. You wrack your brain for answers, but you can't come up with a valid date.

You need to track your workouts more often! I'm not talking about calories burned or minutes spent at working out...but I am talking about knowing when you were last at the gym!

What Works for Me

I find that I am most motivated by having a calendar on my bedroom door. I check off each day I workout with a red crayon. I can then see, at the end of the week or month, the last time I worked out. 

This calendar method works best for me, but I also use Dailymile is a website where you can track your workouts. You can track everything from you running route, to gym routine, to calories burned. You can even log past workouts--so it's great if you go on vacation. You can still easily log your miles and workouts. 

For some reason, I stay more motivated when I discuss and post about working out. I think that's the main reason I love this blog as well as working out in general. I feel like I have to "practice what I preach" and that motivates me. 

What might work for you

  • Making calendar appointments in your planner, phone or computer. The reminder can help motivate you and keep you going!
  • Talk it up! The more you talk about being fit, healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, the more you will want to do it.
I hope that these ideas work well for you and your lifestyle. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them! Everyone has different methods. Let me know what works for you and how you track your workouts. 

Happy tracking,


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