Sunday, December 16, 2012

When You REALLY have no time

Finals week, projects at work, family challenges, vacations, holidays, birthdays...these are all time-consuming events and usually leave little to no time for a workout. There are some things you can do to manage your time, stay productive and  multitask your way

Use Time Wisely

Using your time wisely is something that all individuals have difficulty with, especially if you're a beginner when it comes to exercising.

I try to make some time in between school, work and going home to hit the gym, but there are many days where it is just not meant to be. It helps to have a gym that is convenient for you. It's even a larger plus if your gym/fitness center is on your way to work or school.

I try my best to bring shower supplies/change of clothes with me. I usually keep at least a pair of sneakers and a change of workout clothes in my car-- just in case workout inspiration strikes! If you have somewhere to go right after, maximize your workout time by showering at your fitness facility instead of running home and grabbing a shower.

Productive Procrastination

Do you have cleaning to do around your home? How about school work or a work project, do you not want to do that? Don't want to go home and cook dinner? Then, try to workout.

This is a great mental strategy to adopt and it truly helps me. I give myself the option of working out or doing schoolwork almost all the time. Yes, I know, I avoid schoolwork -- bad-- but I make sure to do something productive like workout. I often find my mind cleared from the stress and I am more focused when I reapproach my assignments and studying.


Sometimes, getting a workout in is just NOT POSSIBLE. It's an unfortunate issue, I know.

How I solve this:

  • Calf raises in the shower / while brushing my teeth.
  • Park far away and walk!
  • Take the stairs instead of elevator and RUN up them.
  • Stand instead of sit.
So, you don't need to workout to be healthier! All you need is a few ideas on how to change up your routine and you'll see a change. Of course, getting active and making time for a workout is extremely important, but some days it doesn't happen!

Stay in motion,


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