Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Motivation Station: Workout with a Buddy


Have trouble getting to the gym? Have you thought about finding a friend, co-worker, or someone from an exercise class to workout with? Working out with another person may seem burdensome, but if you can find someone who motivates you and has a similar schedule as you, it's a win-win situation.

Qualities in a compatible workout partner:

  1. Find someone with similar goals. Do you know someone who has similar goals to you? Do you both want to run a 10k? Do they have a similar workout time in mind? If so, you might want to get together and hit the gym, pavement or track together! 
  2. Make a no-excuses policy. Don't allow yourself to cancel for silly things like rainy days and sleepy mornings. Make your routine and stick to it. Knowing there is someone else there waiting on you should give you a decent dose of motivation. And don't let your workout buddy's cancellation keep you from working out!
  3. Find someone who supports you. You can't make progress if your workout partner is sabotaging you. Make sure you have someone who helps you stick to your goals and supports you.
  4. Don't have someone "out of your league." You don't want to be chasing after someone who pushes an 7 minute mile when you're at a 10 minute mile! At the same time, you don't want to be the ring leader, either. If you do get along great with your workout partner and you are different fitness levels, try sticking to the gym instead of going on outdoor runs where you may become separated.
  5. Find someone you want to spend time with! If you don't value this person, you won't want to work out with them. You want a workout buddy who you enjoy. Also, hanging out with your buddy outside the fitness realm is always healthy!
As long as you keep these simple qualifications in mind and your eye on the fitness prize, you should have no trouble working out with a partner! Some people may not need to workout with a buddy, but if you need that extra push, meeting a friend might be the push you need. 

Your fit friend, 

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