Tuesday, November 6, 2012

About Hit the Mat Running

Things to expect from Hit the Mat Running
            Hit the Mat Running is my fitness and active living blog. I hope to inspire others who come from all walks (or runs) of fitness.

 Posts will include:
  • Workout tips and photos
  •  Information about yoga and my yoga experience
  •  Information about running and my running experience
  • Recipes
  • Photos
  • Playlist information
  • Motivation!
  • Personal fitness posts 

About me and my passion for fitness
            I love keeping in shape and healthy. I find that I think more clearly and my mind and body are in-sync when I am more active. I learned the hard way that recovering from nerve damage is a difficult process that requires a lot of patience (just like any injury). It forced me to slow down, and I will do a lot of injury prevention posts.

Why Hit the Mat Running?
            I chose the title, Hit the Mat Running, because I run and participate in yoga. There’s something about Hit the Mat Running that resonates with me as a yogi and a runner, it shows that from the moment I start working out that I give it my all.

How often will you hear from me?
            My blog will most likely update either every other day to once a week. Maybe some weeks I’ll post every single day. It all depends!
 I will try my best to stay dedicated and maybe, if I get a small community started, I’ll post different challenges and giveaways.
            I hope to inspire others who may have difficulty staying motivated in the world of fitness. It takes a lot of  motivation to walk into a gym, go for a run outside or even put those workout clothes on. I’m here to show you what’s worked for me so far. This blog will help me stay motivated and will hopefully help motivate you all!

Stay healthy and active!

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