Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hydration Station

It is so important to make sure your body has enough water. Even if you don't break a sweat everyday, your body constantly uses water. One way to make sure you are getting enough is to use a hydration calculator.

According to WebMD, there are several reasons to drink more water:

  • Water helps maintain the balance of body fluids and keeps brain function at its peak. Feeling groggy? Grab some H2O and sip away!
  • Helps to control calories and overeating (especially when substituted for a caloric beverage like soda).
  • Water helps energize muscles. Make sure to drink about 17 ounces (I usually go for 20) about two hours before a workout. Muscles won't get as fatigued or as sore. Make sure to drink after your workout too!
  • Water keeps your kidneys and intestines in great shape! 

Here are some great tips on how to keep yourself on top of hydration!

  • Get an awesome and fun water bottle. Make sure you get a bottle that makes drinking water more fun! You'll be refilling it constantly. My favorite is the Camelbak Eddy and I have it in purple .75 liter. I want it in the full liter size next! It's a perfect water bottle for on-the-go and it doesn't spill. It also has a lifetime guarantee and makes the $15 price tag totally worth it.
  • Sip all day, every day. Here's a great way to do it, if you can't lug two water bottles around, just do 9am/2pm on each marker and refill. Found this great tip on Pinterest!

I hope you all decide to make smart choices for hydration by choosing water over other beverages. I'll admit that I'd rather drink anything but water, but it has been growing on me. I try to at least drink two full bottles of my .75 L water bottle, which still does not bring me to my 2.1 L hydration goal! 

Happy hydrating,


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