Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Kick Black Friday's Butt

Are you a diehard shopper? If so, I’m sure you’ll be snagging all the Black Friday deals. Of course you’ll want to be charged and ready to go, but long lines and crowds of shoppers will easily wear on your energy.

It’s a draining post-holiday tradition that many individuals opt-out of. However, if you decide to brave the crowds, lines and get some great deals in the process, here are some great tips.
  1. Dress for comfort. You don’t want to be rushing around the mall sweating with that heavy coat on, so don’t bring it! Leave the Uggs and other fancy footwear at home. Wear comfortable sneakers or clogs that have support, your feet will thank you. Don’t wear constricting clothing, either. You’re best off wearing clothing that’s relaxed and comfortable!
  2.  Food, food, food! Okay, so you’re probably thinking “I had my big Thanksgiving dinner, so I’ll be fine!” WRONG, you will get hungry! Mall food courts get mobbed on Black Friday. Skip the lines and keep shopping by packing foods that will give you energy. Trail mix is a great idea, the sugar in the chocolate will give you a quick, short burst of energy and the nuts will give you long term energy. Bananas are always a great, on-the-go option also.
  3. Skip the caffeine and sugary drinks. The sooner you reach for the coffee, cappuccino or latte and chug it, the sooner you’ll crash! Try to sip it slowly, and alternate with water to stay hydrated and awake. You’re better off sipping water and carrying it around in a reusable water bottle for a free water fountain refill. Now, that’s saving money and calories!
  4. Keep moving. “It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.” If you are a true, Black Friday warrior, you want to avoid sitting and “taking breaks” as much as possible. It will only make you more tired and it will be harder to get going again. As soon as you lose your momentum, it’s time to go home. With that being said, don’t overexert yourself on saving a few dollars, because it’s not worth it.
  5. Be safe. Be smart about your wallets, your credit cards, cash and purses. Try to stay in small groups of 3-4 people, so it’s easy to get around but you’re not in a small enough group that you’ll be an easy target for scammers and pickpockets.
I hope you all have a great Black Friday, whether it’s spent browsing the internet for holiday gift ideas, braving the crowds at the malls at midnight, or enjoying your day resting at home!

Be smart and safe!


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